Why is RVing Popular?


Why is RVing Popular?

October 7, 2020 2:33 pm

Have you ever wondered why RVing is so popular? If so, all you need to do is talk to a few RV enthusiasts who won’t hesitate to share their opinions!

For many, the RV lifestyle is addictive, and there’s a few reasons why. Here are some of the most common ones:

You have the comforts of home with you as you travel.

RVing is the only type of travel that allows you to have your home (and all the things you deem creature comforts) on wheels. Your version of home could be a pop-up camper with a composting toilet or a Class A diesel pusher with a gourmet kitchen. The point is that you’ll have your own place to sleep (in your own bed!) and eat wherever you go, without having to pay for hotel rooms. Plus, you can make the interior space truly yours, with design and decor that suits your taste.

You have the flexibility to travel anywhere in the country. 

RVing is one of the most freeing forms of travel because you can pick up and go whenever you want. Feel like heading to the Smoky Mountains for a quick, last-minute fall getaway? Want to become a full-time RVer and be in Arizona one month and Virginia the following month? The RV lifestyle accommodates those whims! You can move at your own pace and go where you want to go.

You make lasting friendships.

This is perhaps one of the more underrated benefits of RVing because on the surface, RVing can look like a solitary activity for you or your family. And it can be if you want it to be! But the RV community at large is massive, and there’s always a fellow enthusiast out there willing to lend a helping hand or share a dish at a campground potluck dinner. Sometimes when you’re on the road, the others you meet in your travels become close friends and even like family.

Less becomes more and spending time in nature becomes a priority. 

It wasn’t so long ago that the McMansion way of life dominated the American mindset. Everything had to be bigger to be better. But now, many Americans are opting for a less fussy lifestyle, downsizing their homes and choosing smaller, more sustainable lifestyles. That applies to RVing as well. Some of the most popular rigs are sleek, lightweight, and sturdy towables that call for minimal packing and can traverse all terrains. This simpler way to travel (and live!) allows you to spend more time out in nature, to hike, bike, kayak, fish, run, or do whatever else pleases you. The RV life will get you to slow down and appreciate the things that really matter and help you forget about the material things.

What are some of your favorite reasons for RVing? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!