What is Moochdocking?


What is Moochdocking?

September 30, 2020 5:11 pm

We’re all familiar with the term boondocking, which typically means dry camping or camping without hookups, often in rural or remote settings. But what is moochdocking? This term, also referred to as driveway surfing, is “camping” at a friend or family member’s house for free. Moochdocking can be done without hookups, of course, but having access to power and water is a major benefit.

Moochdocking Ettiquette

If you’re interested in moochdocking at someone’s home, it’s important to follow a few rules of etiquette:

  1. Make sure your host is really okay with the arrangement – Ideally, your host has invited you to stay on their property. But if you did the asking, ensure that your host is completely comfortable with the idea of your rig parked outside their home for a few days.
  2. Find out about any parking or HOA restrictions in advance – When mootchdocking, you’ll be parking at someone’s home, in their driveway or on the street. Be sure that you won’t be violating any homeowners association rules or other codes enforced by your host’s city or town. Do your own research and don’t rely on your host to provide you with the rules and regulations. 
  3. Don’t overstay your welcome – While it will be great to see and spend time with your gracious family or friends, don’t stay so long that your hosts regret having you. Three days is a good length of time, though some may truly want you to stay longer. 
  4. Treat your hosts with respect and thank them for their hospitality – If your hosts were nice enough to allow you to stay in their driveway or property for a few days for free, thank them with a bottle of wine or a gift card. You could even offer to cook meals or watch their kids or walk their dog – anything that shows your gratitude for their hospitality would work nicely.
  5. Make sure you have the proper equipment – If you do plan to hook up to water and power at your host’s home, have the proper hose and extension cords on hand. Be sure to also have any adapters that might be required. Discuss which appliances you’d like to run at one time with your host so you don’t blow a fuse in their home!

Have you ever moochdocked before? What was your experience like? Let us know if the comments or contact us today!