What is Geocaching?


What is Geocaching?

September 16, 2020 6:07 pm

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity akin to a digital scavenger hunt. Developed a couple decades ago, geocaching uses GPS, or global positioning system and data, to help people find strategically hidden small caches of trinkets. Most smartphones have GPS capabilities, making geocaching an accessible activity for many people! 

For RV enthusiasts, it’s a great way to spend time outdoors, get acquainted with a new location, and hone navigation skills, as well participate in and enjoy a connection to a larger community of travelers and explorers. 

How Does it Work?

A cache is essentially a trinket or treasure – think fast food meal toys, coins, and other small trinkets  – stored in a weatherproof box and hidden. Caches are hidden everywhere around the world, from urban to remote settings. The coordinates of a cache are posted online by whomever hid the cache, and then anyone can try to go find it. A logbook and a pencil are also included in the cache as a sort of guestbook, where players can record the date, their name, and what they found.

To begin geocaching, all you have to do is start an account on geocaching.com or on the Geocaching® smartphone app. Simply find a nearby documented geocache, which will show up on a map in the app, or enter the posted coordinates of a geocache into your handheld GPS, and then you begin your search!

Things to Keep in Mind

Sometimes geocaches are hidden in unique places or involve a series of clues to help you get to the real treasure, so don’t give up if you can’t find a cache right away. It’s meant to be a fun game, not stressful!

When it comes to geocache items, there’s a take-a-treasure, leave-a-treasure policy, so there’s always something for the next geocacher to find. In general, the rule is to leave something of equal or higher value, but again, the items are usually small and not super valuable, and should always be legal and family-friendly.

Geocaching is great for kids, too, so get the whole family involved when RV camping. It’s an easy way to get some exercise and spend time together as a family. What’s more, many RV campgrounds, such as Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts and Kampgrounds of America® (KOA), are even involved with geocaching and encourage their guests to find hidden treasures around their properties. Check online to see which locations offer geocaching programs. 

Have you ever tried geocaching while on an RV trip? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!