Selling vs Consignment

Selling vs Consignment At RV Select, we believe in doing business the old fashioned way. We buy your RV outright, keeping the process simple and straighforward. First, we agree on a price – this is the amount we pay you. Then we take the RV completely off your hands. You can rest assured and not worry about the ‘if’s, buts, & whens’.

Why is Selling Better than Consignment?

While the prices other companies may offer for consignment might sound great, if they honestly believed your coach was worth that much, why won’t they write you a check on the spot? My Grandfather always told me, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

The biggest concern with consignment is liability. When you consign your RV, it sits in a lot out of your sight and control, yet you retain liability for it. If something would happen to the RV, you are still solely responsible.

RV Select pays you cash on the spot. And not only that, we handle the whole process for you. Transportation? One of our agents will come directly to you – anwhere in the US. Paperwork? We’ll take care of it all and arrange loan payoffs directly with your bank. All you have to do is sit back and relax, while RV Select takes care of you. From an accurate price estimate, to a thorough inspection, we ensure the best price possible for your used RV or motorhome.

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