• How do I know when it’s a good time to sell my RV?

    This depends on a number of factors and is unique for everyone. Check out our blog ‘To Sell or Not to Sell’ for some helpful tips.

  • What is the difference between selling and consignment?

    When you consign your RV, you essentially give your RV to a company to sell for you, for a fee. During this time, you no longer have access to your RV and are at the mercy of the consigner to sell your RV. Chances are they are also selling a variety of other RVs as well.

    When you sell your RV, you take out the middle man and receive cash on the spot once it is sold. Selling is typically more work upfront, but RV Select Inc handles all of the legwork for you and pays cash on the spot for your RV. Learn more about selling versus consignment.

  • Why should I consider RV Select?

    When you sell your RV to RV Select you can feel confident in knowing that you’re getting a fair price for your RV. Plus, we handle all the transportation, title work and payoffs for you. We make it simple.

  • What type of RVs do you buy?

    We buy Class A, Class B, Class C, Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers. We typically purchase RV’s with a model year of 2004 and newer (travel trailers 2010 and newer) but are willing to consider others as well, depending on factors such as if the manufacturer is still in business, if the RV is financeable, does the transportation make this a viable opportunity, etc.

    Provide us with some information about your RV and we’ll give you a free quote online.

  • I’m located outside of Florida – will you still pick my RV up?

    Yes. We partner with a number of transport companies and can pick up your RV directly from your home. Or if you prefer, you can drop it off yourself at one of our drop off locations.

  • What if I have a service contract or extended warranty on my RV?

    You can typically receive a refund for any remaining time left on your service contract/extended warranty by contacting the dealer from whom you purchased the RV. We are more than happy to help guide you through this process.

  • My title is in a trust. What information do you need?

    We’ll need a copy of the trust showing that you are a trustee as well as a copy of your driver’s license or ID.

  • Will you still buy my RV if I no longer have the title?

    We cannot purchase your RV if you no longer have the title but can help you apply for a duplicate title if you have simply lost it.

  • My RV requires repairs – will you still buy it?

    Depending on the type of repairs involved, we can typically adjust our cash offer accordingly. Just let us know the extent of the repairs required when you contact us and we can work with you.

  • What if I have a loan on my RV?

    We will process and handle your pay off with a direct wire transfer to the bank in which your RV is financed at the time of pick-up. If you owe less than your principal payoff, then we will pay you with either choice of the above payment. We’ll always confirm you receive your payment before we take your RV.

    If you owe more than the principal payoff then you are responsible for the balance between the agreed purchase price and the outstanding balance of the loan at time of pickup.

  • How much paperwork is involved? What documents do you require?

    We handle all of the paperwork for you. You’ll just need to provide the following documents:

    • Copy of your driver’s license
    • Copy of your title
    • Copy of your registration
    • Name of the bank, if you have a loan
    • Name of bank, account and routing number, if you choose a wire transfer as payment for your RV
  • How long does the whole process take?

    We will provide payment in the form of a cashier’s check or wire transfer.