Our Process

2007 Damon Tuscany

From coordinating pickup, to processing title work and paying you cash on the spot, we make the process of selling your RV streamlined and simple.  Below you will find information on how the process works.

  1. We will arrange a date for which we will pick up your RV. We fully understand we are buying a pre-owned RV. When the driver arrives he will do a walk around on the Vehicle to verify that there is nothing seriously detrimental. He/she will than call our office to verify the RV is what was discussed.
  2. If you own your RV out right then we offer 2 forms of payment:
    • A cashier’s check in which the driver will bring with him/her when picking up your RV
    • A wire transfer directly into your account.
  3. If you have a loan on your RV: We will process and handle your pay off with a direct wire transfer to the bank in which you’re RV is financed at the time of pick-up. If you owe less than your principal payoff, then we will pay you with either choice of the above payment. If you owe more than the principal payoff then you are responsible for the balance between the agreed purchase price and the outstanding balance of the loan at time of pickup.
  4. Complete transaction: After you have verified the funds and all of the paperwork is complete, the driver will remove your tag and replace with a dealer transportation tag. He/she will then leave and transport the vehicle to RV Select. At this point you may cancel your insurance on the vehicle as the transaction is complete

Here is the information we need from you to begin the above process:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Copy of your title to verify the VIN number and that you are the registered owner.
  • If the bank has the title or you have an electronic title, we will need a copy of your registration.
  • If you have a loan, we will need the name of the bank in which your RV is financed along with the address and account number. The reason we need this information is because we must get the exact payoff with the daily interest up and to the point of pick up.
  • If you choose a wire transfer as payment for your RV, we will need the name of your bank, account number and routing number.

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